Excite Audiences. Overcome Objections. Inspire Action.

What if? What if your next presentation closed that big deal, secured agency funding, inspired your organization to new heights, engaged conference audiences, and so forth? What could the “right presentation” be worth to you and your organization?

Today’s climate demands engaging visuals, clear messages, compelling stories, and relevant content.

Become the type of presenter you want to be. Become the type of presenter audiences want to see. Email or call for your no-obligation Presentation Review.

Presentation Services include:

Headquartered in the Washington, DC area, ExpandUSATM accelerates your sales and marketing success and improves executive communications effectiveness. Services include:   TARGET with the Right Messages
Shape your ideas into relevant messages based on a proven framework complemented by training aids and easy-to-use development templates
expandUSA.icon.presentation.develop DEVELOP Compelling Stories & Visuals
Engage your audiences from the cover slide to the back. Choose interesting photographs, create memorable messages, and share exciting stories
expandUSA.icon.presentation.inspire INSPIRE Your Audiences to Act
Become a confident and compelling speaker. Learn and practice techniques to dramatically improve your effectiveness such as varying volume and pacing, using body language, and infusing storytelling


After agreeing to the final deliverables and services, you will be quoted a flat, fixed-fee package from Bronze, Silver, or Gold. To get started, contact us for your  no-obligation Presentation Review.

Examples: sales presentation, capabilities presentation, conference session, board meeting, training workshop, investor roadshow pitch, panel presentation, all-hands team meeting, or any other time you need to present.

ExpandUSA.LinkedIn.Bronze ExpandUSA.LinkedIn.Silver ExpandUSA.LinkedIn.Gold2
     1.  Engaging presentation title
     2.  Presentation outline (storyboard)
     3.  Customized cover page and slide template
     4.  Develop main message
     5.  Message for each slide
     6.  Graphics and visuals
     7.  Personal experiences with business message A  1 1 or 2 1, 2, or 3
     8.  Interactive exercise B 1 1 or 2
     9.  Attention-getting opening 30 sec 1 min 2 min
     10.  Inspiring, call-to-action closing 30 sec 1 min 2 min
     11.  Practice sessions, 75 minutes 1 3
    Max # of slides for 60 minute presentation 20 20 25
A) Experiences: U.S. audiences strongly prefer presenters and trainers to share personal experiences (“stories”) with relevant business messages. We encourage you to include several of your experiences in your presentations and training.
B) Exercises: U.S. audiences enjoy relevant interactions. We suggest including these in your presentation such as asking questions of your audience and having them conduct small group case studies. We create the slide only.

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or Gold for the complete package.


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