Market Entry

Accelerate Time to Market Entry

Your future buyers are looking for differentiated value propositions, best-in-class products and services, and proven results. The ExpandUSATM team understands these buying behaviors and engagement triggers.

This is why Market Entry is one of the most important parts of being successful in the U.S. You have to know what industries, products and services, companies, and buying personas are going to be successful. Our team helps you learn first-hand about the dynamics and size of your potential local markets.

Leverage Our Experience in the U.S.

Using proven processes, the ExpandUSATM team helps you with a variety of sales and marketing services such as:

  • Validate your ideal client profile and customer segmentation with market intelligence
  • Create comprehensive list of contacts at potential end-user accounts and partners
  • Define the metrics and dynamics of your ecosystem including ecosystem mapping. Identify the key players, value chain, decision makers, best practices in sales, and more
  • Identify lead generation opportunities including prospecting discovery trips, partner pairing, proof-of-concepts, beta and early adopter customers, attending conferences, etc.
  • Validate and fine tune key sales tools such as value proposition, client acquisition plan, capabilities presentation, executive overview brochure, and more


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