Close More Deals with LinkedIn®

Is your LinkedIn® profile attracting prospects and helping close deals in the United States?

When it comes to sales and marketing, U.S. audiences have different expectations. They expect more assertive words and messages. They expect verbs and adjectives. They expect proper grammar and spelling. And most importantly, they expect a clear business message.

ExpandUSA’s LinkedIn® services ensure your profile is exactly what U.S. audiences want.

Improve the Effectiveness of Your U.S. LinkedIn® Profile


ExpandUSA.LinkedIn.Bronze ExpandUSA.LinkedIn.Silver ExpandUSA.LinkedIn.Gold2
 1. Informational interview (minutes) 15 30 45
 2. Branding and positioning questions 5 8 10
 3. Keywords customized to industry and goals 3 5
 4. Re-written sections based on U.S. cultural, language, and business expectations
– Professional headline options 2 3
– Social media, websites, and “vanity URL” ExpandUSA.Check
– Summary ExpandUSA.Check
– Employment positions / Work History jobs 2 3 3
– Publications, Education, Volunteering limited ExpandUSA.Check
 5. Toolbox with articles and tip guides ($197 value) ExpandUSA.Check ExpandUSA.Check ExpandUSA.Check
 6. Review of new profile via SkypeTM (15 minutes) ExpandUSA.Check ExpandUSA.Check
 7. Edit session via SkypeTM (30 minutes) ExpandUSA.Check
 8. Mentoring and support via email 3 days 2 weeks

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