What Drives Innovation:  Globalization and Digital Disruption

In the era globalization and digital disruption, business adaption must occur faster and via new methodologies designed to unleash creativity and innovation mindsets. Business and industry lines are blurring and organizations are being dislocated.

Innovation Mindsets and Methodologies that Work

To produce effective innovation results, organizations must implement changes beyond technology. They must deploy innovation ecosystem across organizations designed to develop and nurture mindsets that can unleash creative thinking in order to generate new solutions to existing and emerging challenges.

It’s Everyone’s Game. Anything’s Possible.

No longer an academic exercise, there is now a robust body of work and best practices that have been proven to work. The success of Apple is proof positive that it works. They have used an innovation methodology called: design thinking. So have Disney and Pixar. So have Lego and Bigelow Tea and many more.

Those that have not and have followed the old rulebooks have (nearly) perished; companies like Kodak, Nokia, Blockbuster, Blackberry, and MySpace.


A Powerful Combination of Innovation Ecosystems Experience

As a new age digital thinker and former vice president of innovation, Andres Jordan (biography) has formulated innovation strategies, methodologies, hired and managed talent, and discovered new areas of business expansion ahead of the competition as recognized by industry analysts such as Gartner and Current Analysis. He has been at the forefront of digital disruption and has innovated several cloud and mobile-based solutions including working with Hollywood studios and building a Netflix-like product. He also innovated solution sets for research institutes in Brazil and Chile and has repeatedly leveraged his expertise to iterate new products, leading to the capture of global clients and partners such as Telefonica, Verizon, Accenture, Deutsche Bank, and BMW (client list).

In his role as Managing Director of ExpandUSATM, Ira Koretsky (biography) has helped countless companies like Brace Pharmaceuticals, Lockheed Martin, oXya, and Yum! Brands (client list) create, develop, and manage internal and external communications and messaging strategies designed to inspire, communicate, and transform in support of new innovations and market entries.

Launching an innovation ecosystem requires effective and individualized “inreach” and outreach strategies that only an experienced communication professional can build and support.

We have done the work. We have learned the lessons. We know.

Deliverable Options

Establish Proper Governance

  • Hire the right mindset
  • Develop proper incentives
  • Develop collaboration

Apply Best Practices

  • Configure the best methodology for your culture
  • Deploy idea management platform
  • Enhance project management

Protect your Innovation Investments

  • Deploy company wide innovation ethos
  • Protect innovation team
  • Recruit an Ombudsman (a must)

Manage Successful Outcomes

  • Develop relevant metrics
  • Effective go to market plans
  • Test and iterate new products


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