Keynote Speaker

Inspiring Audiences Around the World for 27 Years

Drawing on global experiences, Ira Koretsky, Managing Director of ExpandUSATM, helps you become unforgettable through the ways you communicate—in writing, verbally, and in your social media. Within minutes of starting the keynote, he will forever change the way you think about communicating (yes, a bold statement).

His insights are built on more than 25 years consulting and offering workshops and keynotes to Fortune 100 companies, associations, government agencies, and universities around the world. Click for Testimonials, Success Stories, Client Examples.

Whether 100 or 10,000, Ira customizes the keynote, messages, take-aways, interactions, and examples. He will…

– Deliver a high-energy keynote people will talk about for years to come
– Engage your audiences with thought-provoking ideas
– Inspire your attendees to apply these ideas the very same day

Everything You Want in a Keynote Program

Customized Ira customizes your program through collaboration with executives and planning committee, participant pre-interviews, and company/industry research.
Engaging He inspires your audience to “think deliberately” with thought-provoking and actionable suggestions.
Entertaining Ira fills your program with relevant personal and professional stories. The presentation is rich with insightful and memorable media examples.


Ira’s Most Requested Keynote Topics Include:

  • Engines of Leadership Success:  People, relationships, and stories
  • Be Unforgettable:  Turning your personal experiences into inspiring, message-driven business stories
  • The Way of the Story:  Why you must become a storytelling organization
  • “What Do You Do?”  The four most important words in the world today. period
  • Memorable & Meaningful:  Applying Lessons from the Best (and Worst) Advertising from Around the World

 Consider complementing your keynote with a hands-on workshop.

Contact us today. Learn how Ira Koretsky will energize, engage, and entertain your audiences.