Together, We Achieve Results

For the first time in our 22-year history, we have one easily understood and unifying message.
— Allan Kullen, CEO, Americans All®, MD

Ira inspired our more than 800 attendees. He inspired them to think differently about how to present themselves verbally and in writing, through the entire job hunting process. He underscored the importance of telling your story through your client or prospective employer’s eyes. We received many favorable comments about his topic. We were very glad to have Ira as part of the panel of ABA speakers.
— Esther D. Brewer, Educational Programs Manager, American Bar Association, IL

They quadrupled our revenue in just 6 months.
— Michael Whitecar, CEO, TCIG, DC

Never before in our six years of being in business has the entire management team agreed to a new business story. Their approach helped solidify our direction, identify our story in our customer’s eyes, differentiators, and most importantly, the value that customers appreciated and desired. Their approach was the lynch pin in our winning a $94 million dollar multi-year contract.
— John Scarcella, Executive Vice President, IntelliDyne, VA

Ira is the best messaging guy on the planet. Period. His company has helped me with three different startup company ideas. In just a few hours, he makes an impact. It’s what his company does over the long term that makes the real difference. They help with messaging of your company, products and services across all potential touch points for clients and prospects. I strongly encourage you to see how they can make a difference for you.
— Daniel Odio, Chief Operating Officer, PointAbout, DC

It’s the best presentation I have been through on social media and I have been through many!! I need to think about our messages and processes as we help our members be better business owners and marketers. Your ideas, approaches, and tools were outstanding. They will help us move into the 21st century of marketing. You present this topic in such an eloquent way!
— Cathy Mrosko, Director of Government Affairs and Industry Outreach, National Systems Contractor Association

Ira is an effective, engaging presenter. He made learning fun, connected with our members with tailored content, and presented business storytelling techniques and principles in such a way that my members wanted to use them right away. Because of the positive reviews the members gave his presentation, we invited Ira back for the following year’s conference. True to expectations, he delivered another great session that gave our members tools they could put to use immediately. I highly recommend him.
— Robert E. McLean, Executive Director, Association of Language Companies, VA

Ira Koretsky made me look good. I recommended him as a personal development speaker at our annual meeting in Denver. As one of ten concurrent sessions, this type of program generally pulls about 100 participants, tops. More than 400 people showed up for Ira’s session and stayed. The real estate industry relies on strong personal relationships and trust. Increasingly, demands make it easy to lose sight of this. Several industry legends told me that Ira’s workshop was something of an intervention, putting them back on the game where it belonged—with people. Thanks, Ira!
— Ann Oliveri, Senior Vice President, Strategic Development, The Urban Land Institute, DC

As someone in the webinar industry, I see hundreds of them every year. Ira’s was the best I have ever seen. His slides were visually engaging, stories insightful and on point, and messages practical and compelling. Something I have never experienced before in a webinar was Ira’s use of interactive exercises–yes exercises. They were all relevant and helped bring to life his concepts–something challenging to do in web presentations.
— Patrick Wiley, Account Executive, ReadyTalk, CO

When it came time to attend the Financial Executives International Annual Conference in Phoenix, I was on the fence. I looked through the program to make a final decision. Your two seminars caught my eye and became the tipping point for my attending and flying from Canada. As I participated in your sessions, your messages resonated with me and became the highlights of the conference. Thanks for communicating some great tools to use in my current role.
— David Turner, Chief Operating Officer, Skystone International, Alberta, Canada

That was a great joy being on Mr. Koretsky’s lecture “Three Steps to Tell Your Business Story” in Tbilisi, Georgia. The whole story told by him was so friendly, easy-going and well understandable. It brought me great pleasure. I suppose that the confidence and the knowledge came to him during his tremendous experience (speaking from the age of 15—wow!!) and I am very thankful to him and the whole CRDF organization for this very enjoyable conference.
— Levan Shanidze, M.D., Neurosurgeon, Tbilisi City Hospital after Acad. O. Gudushauri, Tbilisi, Georgia

Ira’s process for telling vibrant stories is a revolution in business communication. My passion is helping leaders explore possible futures, and Ira has given me the tools to make sure my stories really stick with people. It’s inspiring to work with a master of his craft. He is helping me become my own Chief Storyteller.
— Eric Garland, Author of Future, Inc.: How Businesses Can Anticipate and Profit from What’s Next and Keynote Speaker, Competitive Futures, DC

This year’s conference was an exceptional business networking encounter for me! New and familiar faces came together creating synergy, teaming opportunities and shared business experiences; which touched by the real-life personal stories, have prompted growth and development in many areas. As a result of the “Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone” exercises with Ira Koretsky, we shared laughter and pushed beyond our limits.
— Alma J. Pesqueira, P & P Language Services, Corporation, Wales, United Kingdom

You eat the lunches of the other communications training firms. I learned more hands-on and immediately applicable techniques than with the other guys—and I have been to several of them. Working with you has made a huge difference with our online events.
— Wayne Jackson, Senior Advisor, Charles Schwab, CA and MD

I want to pay you the highest compliment. I didn’t look at my watch even once until I realized that your presentation was over!
— Hop Davies, Director, Navigant Consulting, VA

As a non-native English speaker, I had been nervous about public presentations. Thank you for all your help. I was prepared, in control, natural, and funny. I had my best presentation in my “American” Life! I was able to setup first meetings for 99% of the attendees. LOVE you for turning me into a PRO!
— Eszter Koch Senior Financial Advisor, Mass Mutual, Maryland

We knew after the first week that this would be the best investment we ever made. We have been in business 10 years and they did more in terms of sales and marketing than any previous firm. Ira listened and tailored his Power Story Process to our business and our personality. Our new proposal design, sales process, and updated web site content are winning more business. Ira has shown us the tremendous value in telling OUR story.
— Lisa L., Chief Operating Officer, High-Tech Service Provider Firm, CA

‘The Boot Camp to Master Business Storytelling’ is a terrific learning experience that focuses and sharpens how you tell your business story and how to communicate it based on the reaction you are getting. It’s the best communications training I’ve experienced.
— Bob Rossi, Vice President, Transwestern Commercial Services, MD

I’m not saying this to butter you up. I must commend you on your presentation at our annual conference. I have an awful attention span and you kept me actively engaged for the entire session. I felt quite inspired upon walking out the door! It was an excellent note to end the conference on.
— Vance Jones, Senior Planner, EIP Associates, CO

Learning and applying the The Chief Storyteller techniques greatly improved our message content and our visual design. The key messaging exercises and charting ideas were easy to follow and implement. Our new presentation enabled us to reach partners faster and demonstrated greater credibility. We are using our new skills with every presentation.
— David Gilbert, Office of The President, Director of Life Sciences Project, University of California at Berkeley, CA

Ira helped bring out the very best in us. We learned insightful and invaluable approaches to presenting centered around delivering a compelling and sales-focused message. He helped us hone our story and graphics along with creating a powerful sales script. He molded his process to our individual and corporate requirements, ensuring that we had the utmost confidence in ourselves and our presentation. The Chief Storyteller Program helped us form new partnerships and open new doors.
— Hope K., President, New Media Communications Firm, CA